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Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.

Advanced Surface Treatment 先進表面製程

PE Sintering applications
S-1000 | X-1100 | S-2100 | S-2210 | S-5100

XENON is a leading provider of sintering solutions for the rapidly growing printed electronics industry.

Printed Electronics involves the printing of functional computer circuitry onto flexible materials such as cloth and plastic, using inks based on nano silver, gold, and most recently lower-cost copper. These inks must be sintered, or carefully heated, in order to make them properly conductive. XENON's Pulsed Light systems provide the energy needed to treat metallic inks without harming heat-sensitive substrates, and at speeds compatible with volume printing processes such as gravure and flexography. Because of the deep penetration of Pulsed Light, our solutions can even be used with multilayer circuitry.

A sintering system for every need
XENON offers custom solutions to meet customers’ specific sintering requirements. Because these systems are air-cooled, they are easy to work with in the lab and production environments.

S-1000 Features
X-1100 Features
  • Exposure area options
  • Sintering chamber
  • Room temperature process
  • Sinter on heat-sensitive materials
  • Pulse duration 520 us
  • The lowest cost programmable Pulsed Light system on the market
  • Benchtop design with small footprint
  • Connects to standard mains voltage
  • A high-intensity light, delivering up to 9 Joules/cm2 radiant energy/pulse
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Easy-to-follow graphical user interface (GUI)
S-2100 Features
S-2210 Features
  • Selectable pulse duration
  • Adjustable pulse energy
  • Single/Continuous/Burst/Double mode pulses
  • Sintering area: 1.9 x 30.5 cm
  • Scalable software technology for Lab-to-fab capability
  • Max Pulse Energy Output: 18kJ
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Wide Pulse Duration: 100-5000μs
  • Wide Treatment Area Lamp Housing Option
    150 x 150 mm – model LH-150
  • Uniformity 3%
S-5100 Features
  • Widths up to 50 inches (1.27 meters)
  • Uniform energy delivered across entire target area
  • Synchronization to address striping issues
  • Smooth transition from R&D to production with XENON’s lab-to-fab solutions
  • Air-cooled for easier deployment in production environment
The systems can be configured to work with a variety of XENON lamp housings


Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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