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Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.

Components & Application 元件與應用


Worldwide leading at R&D and Manufacturing of Crystals, Oscillators and Crystal Filters. 60 years Know-How of Frequency Controlled Products in addition to ongoing innovation with regard to production and business-processes are the basis of our leadership. The close partnership with our customers leads to unbeatable solutions.

Company Profile
  • Already in the year 1994 this company established a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and in addition since the year 2000 an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001.
  • They announce the ESA re-certification for space crystals. They has been listed for more than two years on ESCC "Qualified Parts List" QPL as one of only two European ESA qualified manufacturer of crystals for space applications.
  • Successful annual re-certification by "TÜV Management Service GmbH" gives a reference for the high quality and continuous improvements of their business processes.
  • Features:Crystal quartz has been used by manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic where are from Europe, America and Taiwan.
  • Stable quality, also has the competitive ability of Price superiority
  • Fast delivery to adapt to customer demand.

Starting frequency spec. for our crystal quartz

  • For 5 MHz Ag coating: +/- 10 KHz (167 ppm)
  • For 5 MHz Au coating: +/- 10 KHz (167 ppm)
  • For 6 MHz Ag coating: +/- 10 KHz (167 ppm)
  • For 6 MHz Au coating: +/- 7 KHz (117 ppm)
    (Between 1.2 ~ 1.7 ‰)




Crystal size

12.5mm / 14mm



Au / Ag

Au / Ag

Temp. stability

±8 ppm (+15℃ to +55℃)

±40ppm (+24℃ to +125℃)

Application for Crystal Quartz

Coating material



The basic anti-reflectance optics, which contains less than 8 coating layers. (ex: cameras, telescope, glasses)
Low level of stress layers to the crystal, including gold, silver and aluminum (used as LED’s reflection layer) is recommended


Available for high melting point materials such as tantalum (Ta), molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), etc., or the process which need to be heat up to 300℃ such as Sputter.
Further, it is good choice to use Ag coating if need to reduce signal-noise ratio.


Precision optical coating requires multi-layer dielectric materials stacks, usually more than 30 layers.
And dielectric materials (ex: Al2O3, Ta2O5, SiO2), will cause a high level of stress to crystal sensor, alloy will be the best solution.

Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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