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Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.

Laser Micro Machining 雷射精微加工系統

microPREP™ - High-Throughput Laser Based Microdiagnostics Sample Preparation

microPREP™ provides key benefits of micromachining using ultra-short pulsed lasers, particularly low structural damage, high power densities and targeted precision on the micron scale. Thus microPREP™ is up for laser cutting and local laser thinning in metals, semiconductors, ceramics, as well as compounds and polymers.

  • Free-form or box milling and line cut for quick access to the area of interest
  • Loading any kind of geometry into the system
  • Analysis-adopted sample geometry to reduce the time to sample
  • Reduced FIB capacity requirements
  • Motorized risk of sample loss – sample can be handled with a tweezer
  • Enhanced efficiency of existing analysis tools
  • Recipe-driven Software for fast and easy sample preparation
  • Upgradable for coming options
Suited for:
  • Laser cutting and individual sample preparation
  • SEM- and micro-analysis
  • Sample preparation for micro mechanics (dog-bones or other geometries)
  • In-plane and cross section for TEM (based on microPREP XL-Chunk stage)
  • Pre-shaped APT samples
Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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