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Advanced Surface Treatment 先進表面製程


The adphos Group is dedicated to provide industry leading NIR technology.

adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR® technology which dramatically reduces the time and space required for thermal processes and provides quantum leaps forward in efficiencies for our global customers.
adphos designs, manufactures, markets, services and supports a wide range of standard and custom solutions for our global customers for a wide variety of applications and markets
The electromagnetic wavelength spectrum which is relevant for thermal and drying processes, starts in the UV wavelength and goes through visible light to NIR (Near Infrared) to mid wave IR and long wave IR.
NIR wavelength range (800 nm up to 1,200 nm). With a peak of 800 nm, adphos is able to incorporate the highest possible energy densities in the smallest applicable areas without effecting substrates and the surrounding environment.
Proprietary adphosNIR® technology now makes it possible to use the unique physical properties of this part of the electromagnetic spectrum in industrial production processes.
adphosNIR® technology can be used for thermal processing including drying, curing, sintering, and annealing:
  • Drying – Removal of water and or solvents from inks, paints, and coatings.
  • Curing – The curing of powder coats on various substrates or the curing of primer and top coats on metal stips.
  • Sintering – adphosNIR® can be used for sintering conductive and resistive inks for Printed Electronics (PE) applications.
  • Annealing – The annealing of brake pads and other metals are ideal applications for adphosNIR® technology
The underlying principle of adphosNIR® technology resembles the way a microwave oven works. Microwaves activate the water molecules directly, in contrast to a conventional oven that has to heat up the substrate before the energy reaches the target, the water or solvent molecules. The electromagnetic waves of the adphosNIR technology have the highest energy densities, which effect molecules of various substances. As a result, adphosNIR® technology can be implemented in a multitude of industrial processes and market places.
NIRxx Family
The NIRxx Family are cost effective, high performance drying systems for water based continuous and drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet systems which provide greater productivity and flexibility with reduced operating costs compared to traditional infrared drying systems, the details as below:
With NIR inkjet drying systems you are assured greater productivity and throughput on even the most demanding of water based inkjet applications including those on high gloss, overcoated and temperature sensitive substrates. NIR inkjet drying systems deliver the energy you need, where you need it by utilizing near-infrared technology which focuses the energy on the ink and not on the substrate resulting in less curl and easier to run and handle substrates.

To accommodate a variety of different printhead widths, NIR systems come in three standard drying sizes and can be mounted on sheetfed or web based transports for in-line, near-line, or off-line inkjet applications. With a small footprint and the ability to mount the drying modules in any position, NIR systems offer the utmost in configurable options to change and grow with your business.

Reduced Operating Cost:
Depending on your requirements, NIR inkjet drying systems can reduce your electrical expenditures for inkjet drying by more than 70 % because the NIRxx Family utilize ultra-efficient NIR energy and a patented reflector system which reflects >98 % of the energy to where it is needed.
NIR Application:
  • heatset printing ink fast-curing,
  • Inkjet Drying
  • nano-silver low-temperature sintering,
  • sintered metal pretreatment
  • Car Repair
NIR Specification:
Drying width(s) :
  NIR42: 42 mm (1.65")
NIR84: 84 mm (3.31")
NIR126: 126 mm (4.96")
NIR252: 252 mm (9.92")
NIR336: 336 mm (13.2")
Drying Length : 550mm 250 mm 125 mm 60 mm
Emitter Power : 10W/cm, up to 2.5 kW per Emitter(550mm emitter can provide up to 5kW)
Ultra short wave length energy : T > 3,000 – 3,500°K
Very high energy density up to 1,000 KW/m² (93 KW/ft²), ultimate1,500 KW/m² (140 KW/ft²)
Module Size :

  NIR42-250 370 mm x 75 mm
NIR126-250 370 mm x 150 mm
NIR42-125 200 mm x 75 mm
NIR126-550 660 mm x 150 mm
Working Principle
  • Black ink absorbs energy across all wavelengths
  • Adphos NIR applies more energy to the ink and less to white paper compared to traditional infrared


Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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