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Components & Application 元件與應用



KVG Quartz Crystal Technology GmbH:
KVG has been listed for more than two years on ESCC "Qualified Parts List" QPL as one of only two European ESA qualified manufacturer of crystals for space applications. Also used by manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic from Europe, America and Taiwan.
Successful annual re-certification by "TÜV Management Service GmbH" gives a reference for the high quality and continuous improvements of KVG business processes
Products :
• crystal quartz sensors


UVpad is the thinnest stand-alone spectral UV radiometer worldwide. It combines scientific measurements with an easy to use and robust measuring instrument. All UVpad measurements are traceable to national standards.

Products :
• UVpad
• UVpad E
• RM-12


• Infrared camera with high resolution visualizes the smallest differences in temperature in minute detail
• The cameras can be easily integrated into the existing systems
• Various and proven laser distance and position measuring technology for the precise and long distance measurement up to three kilometers
• A non-contact with fast and precise laser distance measurement results for crane positioning, filling level control, scanning of transportation, bright and shiny surfaces of steel works, robot, aerial, UAV, and Industry 4.0 applications

Products :
• Laser rangefinders:
1) LDM41/42/43 series
2) LDM301
3) LDM71
4) LDS30
5) LDM72
• Thermographic cameras and infrared camera modules: 1) Blackbird 640
2) Blackbird precision 1024



Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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