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Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.

Advanced Surface Treatment 先進表面製程

Sterilization / Bios applications
The Z-Series system Proven Applications
  • Food conveyor decontamination
  • Extend shelf life of foods
  • Aseptic food packaging
  • Rapid deactivation of pathogens
  • Bottle cap and food cup sanitization

XENON’s Z-1000 offers high speed sterilization solutions for surface microbial decontamination. Offering a range of user-defined, application-specific configurations, the Z-1000 yields pathogen reductions from 3-to-6 log. Based on XENON’s SteriPulse™ technology, instantaneous ON/OFF pulsed light delivers high intensity (1.27 J/cm2), short (360 µs), broadband pulses with high germicidal power. To match user application requirements, system configurations are available with a stainless steel sterilization chamber, dual-lamp operation and a light intensity monitor for option.

The Z-2000 offers food processors the ability to supplement existing conveyor decontamination procedures with the most innovative, effective decontamination system in the industry.

Z-1000 Features
  • High irradiance: 1.27 J/cm2 per pulse
  • High peak power: >1.5 kW/cm2
  • Continuous spectrum UV-VIS-IR
  • Achieve 3 to 6 Log Reduction
  • No warm up time
  • No harsh chemicals or mercury
  • Air cooled lamp enclosure
  • Dual lamp and Light Intensity Monitor available as options
  • Low maintenance
  • CE Marked
  • Disinfect through clear packaging
The Benefits of Pulsed Light for
Conveyor Decontamination
  • Continuously decontaminates food contact surfaces
  • Chemical-free process
  • Deactivates microorganisms in seconds, with no residuals
  • FDA approved for use with food
  • High germicidal power


Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.
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