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Innovation、Integration、Solutions - MOS Technology Inc.

Components & Application 元件與應用

Jenoptik accurate and reliable laser rangefinders

Benefits :

  • Wide portfolio: Broad selection of LiDAR sensors for measuring any distance on any target
  • High performance: long measurement ranges and high measurement accuracy on natural surfaces
  • Fast: enabling distance tracking, speed measurement, and scanning systems
  • Low life cycle costs: highly efficient, enduring, non-wearing measurement technology
  • Reliable and robust technology: EMI-shielded, case-hardened, O-ring-sealed chassis ensures operability in extreme environments, ruggedized housing for harsh industrial environments
  • Easy to integrate: compact laser class 1 and 2 sensor modules for easy integration into sensor solutions for a maximum range of application scenarios

Products :

The laser rangefinders of the LDM301 series: Measure large distances and calculate object speed with total precision.
The LDM301 laser distance meters use a measured time-of-flight principle to measure distances of 300 meters for natural surfaces and 3,000 meter for reflective surfaces. The fast time-of-flight method also enables the system to calculate the speed of the object.

  • High rates of measurement of the LDM301 are particularly useful in continuous process control in high-volume manufacturing operations Millimeter measurement accuracy and an output frequency of up to 100 hertz within a range of 200 meters
  • Series IP67 certification means the units are tough enough for the harshest conditions (-40°C to +60°C) and any environment
  • Equipped with an in-unit heating system, status indicator lamps, and manual sighting system – all standard equipment
  • RS-232、RS-422、Profibus or SSI interface available

The laser rangefinders of the LDM71 series: Quick and accurate measurement of moving targets.
The LDM71 series are distance-measuring devices developed for measurements of moving targets. The sensor is characterized by an above-average measured value output frequency. It can be used for the detection of objects in industrial automation. The sensor is also well-suited for the monitoring of defined areas in transport. The sensor is offered as a complete device with industrial standard IP67 as well as for OEM partnerships as a measuring module for integration into modular systems.

  • Measuring range: 0.2 meter to 270 meter
  • Fast measurement output with a frequency of up to 40 kilohertz
  • Can be used under severe climatic conditions between -40°C and +60°C
  • Easy to integrate (Dimensions (L × W × H, incl. connectors): 98 mm × 46 mm × 25 mm ; Weight : Approx. 140 g)
  • Interface options : RS-232, RS-422
  • Protection class: IP67

The laser rangefinders of the LDS30 series: Fast measurements on natural surfaces.
The LDS30 series of laser distance sensors were designed for low-reflectance, natural surfaces, with 30 kilohertz measurement frequencies – specifically intended for scanning and proximity sensing applications.

  • Uses the time-of-flight measuring principle along with an eye-safe class 1 laser to achieve a range of 30 meters for surfaces with 10 % reflectance
  • Extremely compact, lightweight, case-hardened housing makes the rangefinder resistant to normal impact and shock associated with industrial applications and impervious to dust and moisture infiltration
  • Enabling (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Profibus, and SSI) along with the ability to switch between analog and digital output and user-specific parameterization

Specialized in the quick and accurate measurement of moving objects: the LiDAR sensor modules of the LDM72 series

  • The eye-safe laser rangefinder modules of the LDM72 OEM series are characterized byan above-average measurement performance regarding speed, range, and accuracy.It is the perfect tool for moving objects
  • Extremely fast and compact sensor module (L × W × H: 51 mm × 46 mm × 25 mm ; Weight : Approx. 60 g)
  • Measuring range up to 125 meters on natural surfaces
  • Output frequency up to 40 kilohertz
  • Serial interfaces: UART, LVCMOS 33

LDM Applications :

  • Automation and Industry 4.0: process control,for example position and level measurement
  • Industrial metrology: noncontact distance, length, and height measurement
  • Transport and logistics: position, height, and distance measurement, obstacle detection, autonomous ground vehicle control
  • Steel works and rolling mills: length, position, and thickness measurement of slabs and coils
  • Shipping and navigation: docking and loading assistance
  • Scanning systems: 1D, 2D, and 3D distance measurement solutions
  • Robot, aerial, and UAV integration


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